Mediumship 6 Week Program

Are you seeing butterflies and cardinal in your life? Are you finding dimes and reading numbers 111 or 333?
You are never alone on your journey. Your loved ones are all around you! They want to connect with you and provide validation that they are with you, guiding you and supporting you on your journey in this life.

I am excited to be sharing this 6-week interactive Mediumship Program for brand new students who are ready and open to leaning and practicing the craft of mediumship or if you are already practicing mediumship and would like to further your skills and practice.

Join in a healing sacred space where you will open up to receiving and sharing messages from departed loved ones through your many senses such as clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience. I will help you learn about your spiritual abilities and understand some of the many symbols that may come through while expanding your personal dictionary. I will lead you through a standard guide that will help you interpret your information.

Learn how to bring through messages of guidance from yours and others departed loved one and provide insight on the path you are taking to help you on your journey. Find out what they want you to know.

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I’m looking forward to leading you on this spiritual journey.