Soul Purpose Reading

A fun and powerful way to receive messages of love from your angels, spirit guides or departed loved ones to guide you in your life now. Find out what they want you to know. She provides insight on the path you are taking and will help you on your journey. This service includes Akashic Records, Mediumship, […]

Mediumship/Psychic Readings

Melissa brings through messages of guidance from your departed loved ones. She provides insight on the path you are taking and will help you on your journey. Find out what they want you to know.

Akashic Records Reading

Do you have specific question that you would like answered and cast some light on to situations in your life? Open up your Akashic Records (Book of Life) and discover your past, present and future. Cost: $120

Spirit Guide Reading

Channeling spirit guide messages is to embrace healing and guidance from the higher realm by the power of spirit. A beautiful message of love and hope to inspire you. Cost: $120.00

Soul Mate Reading

Are you searching for your soul mate? Would you like to learn how and where you will meet. Find our everything you need to know about your soul mate! join me in the month of February where I am offering a special on soul mate readings! Cost: $50.00

Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki is a relaxing experience of the ancient form of energy healing. It begins with placing hands above the body or gentle touch which allows the energy flow of Reiki to be channeled through the practitioner to the clients. Distant Reiki Energy Healing is a relaxing experience of the ancient form of energy healing done […]

Online Readings

With the recent changes due to COVID 19, we are now practicing social distancing. Did you know that Melissa offers online readings? Join Melissa online as she helps you connect with your spirit guides, angels, or departed loved ones. Ask your questions and they will communicate messages of love and wisdom to comfort you, all […]

Introductory Healing Package

Melissa presents her integrating Reiki Energy Healing and a Soul Purpose Reading with an Intuitive Discovery Session. Unlock the magic within your DIVINE self!

Essenian Healing

Coming Soon! Essenian Healings are 5th dimensional energy healings that may address our karma – where Reiki stops. They can help with physical, mental and emotional discomfort. However, not every discomfort, problem or illness can be healed at any given time. Sometimes when there are still lessons to learn and experience – due to our karmic path that we choose for ourselves – no healing can […]

Time for a Party Groups Readings

Are you looking for a new way to gather around for the holidays? I am offering fun group readings online or in person for the holiday parties coming up. Gather up your friends and coworkers and invite them to join in! Join a group or gather your friends to receive messages of love and inspiration […]